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    There are times that languages are inadequate to convey our deepest thoughts, feelings and desires. It is the ability to identify with others at this deepest level, that is characteristic of a "sensitive spirit". For the born again individual this innermost recess is occupied by Holy Spirit.

    As we mature and become more like Him, our natural spirit becomes more and more identified with Holy Spirit. It is this maturing and meshing together of our spirit with the Holy Spirit of God, that begins to reflect outwardly what has happened inwardly.

    We are indeed a new species of being! Rather than being a product of natural forces and laws, we have been born from above. As we take on the attributes of God, we become more sensitive to spiritual reality. This spiritual reality is reflecting what God is doing in heaven. To the extent that we are yielded to God's working in our lives, even so will we be God's Ambassadors here on earth.


    An ambassador is, "one who represents the person of a king at the court of another." We find that in II Corinthians 5:20, "we are Christ's ambassadors."

    To effectively represent God here on earth, it is necessary that we be sensitive to His every desire. This sensitivity must of necessity begin in our born again spirit. As this happens, our spirit and Holy Spirit become one. This then, is the procedure for the development of a "sensitive spirit".

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